Hiring of Hall

Rajhans auditorium is a fully air-conditioned auditorium with best in class facilities. If you wish to hire the auditorium you can fill in the Booking Form and contact the Officer in-charge of Rajhans (Click here to download booking form). Please note that that the following rules and regulations apply to the hiring of auditorium.

Click here to download booking form
Rules and Regulations
  1. The auditorium is required to be booked minimum 15 days and maximum 60 days in advance prior to event.
  2. Booking amount to be paid through cross cheque in favour of LCAH RAJHANS payable at Vasco, Goa in advance.
  3. Auditorium is available for booking on the following days:-
    Day Timimg Remarks
    From To
    Monday - - Holiday
    Tuesday 1000 1600hrs As per availability
    Wednesday 1000 1600hrs
    Thursday 1000 1600hrs
    Friday Movie days Not available for booking
  5. The revised hiring charges w.e.f. 01 Jun 18 are as follows:-
    Sl Category Hiring Charges (Rs) Duration
    (a) Civil Private/PSU Organisations (viz. Private Companies, GSL, AAI, Indian Railways, MPT, Goa Police, CISF, AeSI) 20,000/- 06 Hrs from 1000 Hrs to 1600 Hrs. Additional hours will be charged @2000/- per hour
    (b) Welfare / Social Organisation / Schools/Colleges (NGOs, All Civil Schools/Colleges of Central and Goa Govt.) 20,000/-
    (c) Indian Naval Ships, Sqdns, Units, NWWA, KV,NCS, NKG, Little Angels, Bal Pathshala Nil As per availability
  7. Booking of hall can be terminated at short notice in case hall is required for Navy Official/VIP/VVIP commitment on the same day. Booking amount if any will be refunded within 30 days.
  8. Events where a VVIP/VIP/FOGA is the guest or as deemed fit by the Indian Navy, a DG Set of capacity 220 KVA is required to be hired from private party by the user for providing uninterrupted power supply for the entire period of the function. Full load is to be taken on DG 30 Min in advance. Present hiring charges of DG set are Rs 14500/- for a period of 03 hours. Additional Rs 2000 per hour will be charges beyond this period. DG set may be arranged by auditorium staff on receipt of hiring charges in cash in advance and 07 days prior intimation.
  9. Separate booking for Rehearsals . Separate booking sanction is required for rehearsal purpose which will be charged separately at the prevailing rate. The same is to be endorsed on the form with no. of days and timing.
  10. No Eatables/Smoking/Liquor is permitted inside the auditorium. This is a military establishment hence it will not be provided / booked for performing religious functions.
  11. Any damage viz spoiling of wall paint, damage to electrical fittings / fancy lights / furniture etc would be paid by the organizer as per the cost decided by Indian Navy.
  12. The auditorium is to be handed over after through cleaning inside and outside of the hall by organizers the post completion of event.
  13. The user is to take full responsibility for the safety and verification of hired equipments/service providers/guests. There would be no liability/claim of any type on Indian Navy.