How do I register myself for Internet Booking?

Users would be receiving an email from mail@lcahgoa.in with username will be Email–Id, a default password and a link to the Rajhans website. (Officers / Sailors are also requested to check, apart from their ‘Inbox’, their Junk / Spam mail for receipt of this mail). On clicking this link, they would be directed to the website, wherein they can update their mobile number, verify the number of dependents and also change their password.

Is there any other means of booking tickets in advance?

No, If you are unable to do Internet booking, you may purchase tickets under Current Booking, at the counter. Limited number of seats would be allotted at the LCAH Ticket Counter, commencing 30 minutes prior the show.

How much in advance can the seats be booked?

Advance booking facility for any show would commence 48 hours prior to the day of show at 1200 hrs and would be available till one and a half hour prior to each show.

How many seats can I book in advance?

The rules for number of seats that can be booked in advance are as follows:-

Peak Shows For the shows designated as 'Peak Shows', a maximum of only 4 seats can be booked.

Non-Peak Shows For 'Non-Peak Shows', a maximum of only 6 seats can be booked.

In all, user can only book a maximum of 6 seats per movie, For example, if you have booked 3 seats for a Peak show, you can only book 1 more seat in another Peak show or maximum of 3 more seats in a Non-peak show.

Do I need to go to the Ticket Counter if I have done advance booking?

You do not have to go to the Ticket Counter if you can show the SMS/Email of your Booking Confirmation or its print-out to the person at the entrance door of the Hall and no payment is due for any of the seats. However, please show your SMS/Email/print-out to the person at the door at least 15 minutes prior to commencement of show. This would help the limited staff at Rajhans to confirm that you have arrived at the venue, avoid crowding of people at the door at the last minute and frayed tempers. This will also help the staff to allot the seats to other waiting people (if any) in the event you do not show up.

When is payment required to be done at the counter by the user?

Payment is due to be paid at the counter in the following cases :-

a) When any seat is booked against the relationship 'Guest', payment is to be made for the number of Guests seats booked.

b) After 4 seats have already been booked (excluding against category 'Guest'), the subsequent seats would be charged (this is because the subscription caters to 4 members of a family only).

What are the rules for cancellation?

a) Users can cancel their seats on-line till one and half prior to each show. (This is because print-out of the bookings for the shows of any day is taken one and half hour prior to the show). Any cancellations thereafter have to be done at the Ticket window only.

b) In the event personnel who have booked their tickets in advance, have not recorded their presence to the ticket checker even up-till 15 minutes prior to the show, their seats are liable to be cancelled if there is demand for more tickets.

c) Cancelled seats would be 'refunded' into the 'account' of the user.